What is Copy Advice?

Fast, efficient and confidential service designed to help you create an ad campaign in accordance with the requirements of the National Ethical Code for advertising and marketing communication.

Asking for Copy Advice can help to avoid complaints from customers and competitors and sanctions by the Ethical Committee of the National Council for Self-Regulation (NCSR) and other organs, which can be both costly and damaging the reputation of the company .

Copy Advice service will save you three very valuable things:

Money:  a CopyAdvice will save you the cost of a possible suspension of the campaign and related damages and losses.

Time: Violations of ethical rules and implementation of subsequent recommendations made by NCSR can take valuable time both of the advertiser and the advertising agency.

Reputation and Trust: Mistakes can damage your relationships with customers, clients, and even within the team, not to mention the negative public opinion, which can be created.

Who provides Copy Advice in bulgaria ?

This service is provided by the National Council for Self-Regulation (NCSR) in the form of opinion for compliance with the Ethical Code and recommendation for necessary changes. The service is provided at the request of an advertiser, agency or media.

When to ask for Copy Advice?

Requets for Copy Advice can be directed to NCSR at every stage of the creative process – concept, design, ready copy – but the sooner, the better, this will enable us to tell you the potential problem before you have spent time and resources in the wrong direction.

Seeking advice at an early stage of preparation of the campaign provides advertisers and agencies a greater degree of certainty that the commercial communication will meet the highest ethical standards in practice. At the same time, CopyAdvice gives greater confidence that the advertising campaign will not be discontinued because of a breach of ethical standards and damage to the public reputation of the company may be avoided. In a broader context, Copy Advice protects the reputation of the advertising itself.

Is Copy Advice Binding?

Generally, the Copy Advice provided by the NCSR is not binding neither for the advertiser, nor for the agency or media that hasrequested it. It is expected, however, they are to comply with it, especially when the  Copy Advice has been  recommended by the Ethical Committee.

Does Copy Advice Ensure That You Will Get No Complaints About the Ad?

The Copy Advice service reduces the risk of admission of violations and subsequent actions relating to this, although it can not completely eliminate this risk. Ultimate responsibility for the ethics of advertising is born by the advertiser. If a competitor or consumer identifies exaggerated or misleading statement for example, it is very likely to get a complaint, that may be upheld by the Ethical Committee. Also, it is very difficult to predict public reactions to offence, sometimes they are influenced by current events and controversies.

Does the Copy Advice Affect  the Resolution of the Ethical Committee in the Case of a Claim for Breach of the Ethical Code?

In case of a complaint, the Ethical Committee is not bound by the preliminary copy advice , provided by NCSR. On the other hand, the advertiser who has ignored a copy advice may be requested to provide compelling reasons for its decision and inconsistency in his actions obviously increases the chances of the complaint received to be deemed reasonable.

Is there a service charge for Copy Advice?

Standard Copy Advice is provided in 3 working days.

Firms, companies and associations, members of the NSS are entitled to 3 free standard reviews per year. For every Copy advice beyond that a fee of BGN 50 lev is applied.

The fee for non-members NIS advertisers / agencies for this standard service is 150 Levs

Express Copy Advice is provided in 24 hours.

The cost of this express service for everybody is BGN  250

In which countries Copy Advice is offered?

More than half of the members of the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) offer CopyAdvice: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Hungary, Finland, France, Sweden, and partner organizations in Brazil, India, Canada, New Zealand, Chile, South Africa and others.

Is Copy Advice offerd for pan-European campaigns?

Since November 2009, there is an online service that enables advertisers to see if an ad is in compliance with ethical rules in any of 15 countries supporting this initiative Copy Advice / Pre-Clearance Facility. These are Austria, Belgium, Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, the Netherlands, Czech Republic.

All requests for Copy Advice are considered in terms of strict confidentiality and are not binding.

For more information about the rates and conditions of service, please visit .www.ad-advice.org 

Bank account of NCSR:

IBAN: BG57 CECB 9790 10B2 6578 00