Every individual or legal entity, incl. state and national authorities and courts, can ask for interpretation of the Ethical Code. 

The interpretation of the code and the clarification of its clauses is done by an Expert group. It provides interpretation in principle and does not act as an arbitrator, nor it takes a stand on specific cases. When appropriate, the Exoert Group can invite other experts and to consult the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and other industry bodies. 

The Expert Group consists of  3 members with expertise in the field of self-regulation and marketing ethics in principle. They are appointed with a 3-year mandate, renewable by the Managing board of NCSR. 

In principle, the services of the Expert group are for free. It is however possible, that a given request for interpretation may require external experts services and/or information. Respectively, in this case it is possible NCSR to apply a fee.