EASA приветства промените в закона за радио и телевизия

Във връзка с приетите промени в Закона за радио и телевизия,  Европейският алианс за стандарти в рекламата (EASA) изпрати поздравителни писма до парламентарната Комисия за култура, гражданско общество и медии, до Министертаво на културата и до всички парламентарно представени политически партии, с което изрази подкрепа на процеса на саморегулация в рекламата в България.

В писмата се казва


The European Standards Allience (ЕАSA) is the single authoritative voice on advertising self-regulation issues and promotes high ethical standarts in commercial comminications by means of effective self-regulation while being mindful of national differencies of culture, legal and commercial practice. EASA brings together national advertising self-regulation organisations (SRO) and organisations representing the advertising industry in Europe.

EASA  is very much pleased to see that  the transposition of the AVMSD in the Bulgarian Radio and TV Act has resulted in recognition of  the self-regulation in commercial communications – art.76 envisages all media services providers to observe ethical codes.

Self-regulation has been quoted by several DGs of the European Commission  as a viable method of regulating the advertising industry and has been put forward as the preferred method of regulation in several directives and papers.  Co- and/or self-regulation have proven to be valuable instruments in many Member States. Self-regulation offers a quick, simple, easily-accessible and often cost free means of handling consumers\“ complaints, thus avoiding the delays of unnecessary judicial process.

This is why the Audio-Visual Media Services Directive obliges the Member States to encourage such mechanisms at national level in the fields coordinated by AVMSD to the extent permitted by their legal systems.

With the recent amendments in the Radio and TV Act,  Bulgaria has already joined the 100-year  tradition of self- and co-regulation in Europe. This demonstrates the will of the Bulgarian parliament and government to foster further democratic developments in your society and EASA would like to extend its congratulations!

In appreciation of the progress made in Bulgaria, EASA have decided to organise its General Assembly 2010 in Sofia. We will be honoured to have you as our guest at the event.

We are looking forward to see the progress of the Bulgarian National Council for Selfregulation in application of  the Ethical Code for Commercial Communication in Bulgaria and  the further strengthening of the process of self- and co-regulation in Bulgaria.

 Respectfully Yours,


Dr. Oliver Gray

Director General EASA\“