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Submit OBA Complaint

In case your complaint relates to unethical advertising content (misleading, abuse, inappropriate for children etc. ), please continue here.


For complaints about breaches of the Rules for Oline Behavioural Advertising (OBA), please follow the steps below.



In case your complaint relates to online behavioral advertising, please first make sure that you have followed our advices below.



If you do not wish to receive OBA, make sure you have visited the "Your Ad Choices" section on  www.youronlinechoices.com

Actions you can take in relation to OBA before filing a complaint:


1.            Are you having difficulties opting-out of OBA?

               Please visit the "Help" section.


2.            Do you consider that you are continuing to receive OBA despite opting-out previously using the ‘Your Choices’ page ?

               If so, please check the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.


3.            Do you want to know more about using your browser settings to control the cookies placed on it?

                If yes, visit the "Five Top Tips" section.


4.            Would you like to know more about online behavioural advertising?  

               The "About" section contains information on OBA.

If following the actions 1 – 4 above has not resolved your issue, please submit your complaint using the form below.


We shall need quite detailed information about your complaint, so please take a screenshot* of the site where OBA advertising  appeared. If there is a triangular icon next or near the advertising,  it would be helpful if you could click on the icon and screenshot the landing page it takes you to.

*How do you take a screenshot? Press the PrtScn button [usually top right-hand side of your keyboard]. Open a blank document. Press Ctrl and V together to paste a copy of the screenshot into the document. You can then save this document and attach it to your complaint.
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I have read and agree with the privacy notice.