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Managing Board

The Managing Board of NCSR has a three-year mandate and consists of 10 members, all voted by the General Assembly in observation of th eprincipleof equal representation of the three sectors of the industry - advertisers, advertising agencies, media.

The General Assembly elects an independent Chairman, who manages the operations and represents NCSR in front of third parties.

The Board decides on the key strategies and the activity plan of the council, accepts into associated membership, appoints and discharges members of working bodies and agrees the way of their working. It ensures the implementation of the activities of the organization in line with the decisions of the General Assembly. 

The activity of the Board is supported by a Secretariat and when necessary it can create other permanent or temporary structures to deal with specific matters.


Secratariat's contact detals:

Mrs. Eli Mihailova

e-mail: office@nss-bg.org

tel: 0886 695 616


Members of the Board

Elly Guerganova - Chairman
Elly Guerganova has more than twenty years of experience in the fields of marketing and sales for leading international brands. In the course of more than thirteen years she was the General Manager for one of the global leaders in the FMCG sector – Diageo and she was responsible for...
Sofia Peneva (Graffiti BBDO)
Sofia Peneva has a Master of Law degree from Sofia University. She has been working for Graffiti BBDO advertising agency since 1993 and she has held the positions of Account Director, Client Relations Director, deputy Executive Director and since 1995 she has been the agency’s Executive...
Rossen Missov (BAA)
Rossen Missov has been Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association of Advertisers (BAA) since April 2012. He graduated Higher Medical Institute in Sofia (medicine), specialized Epidemiology in The Netherlands (at the Erasmus University), worked as a medical doctor in clinical settings for 7...

Sylvia Kavaska
Sylvia Kavaska is Legal and Public Affairs Manager in Zagorka AD. Master in Law wrking more than 11 years as legal counsel and a lawyer from the Sofia Bar Association, experienced in protecting the rights of intellectual property, procurement, competition law and others. As a part of...